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courtney giannoneCourtney holds a BFA in Dance from Fordham University and the Alvin Ailey American Dance School. She is professionally trained in multiple forms of dance including: Ballet, the Martha Graham Technique, Lester Horton technique, release technique, the Jose Limon technique, modern partnering, improvisation, choreography and notation, and aerial/acrobatic dance.

Courtney toured internationally with STREB Extreme Action, a high impact dance company founded by Elizabeth Streb. She also performed professionally with Aerial Artistry, Diavolo Dance Theater, Jacqueline Buglisi and as a trainee student with Joffrey Ballet and the Martha Graham School.

Additionally, Courtney has performed the works of Jane Comfort, Jacqueline Buglisi, Robert Battle, Milton Myers, Kazako Hirabayashi, Andre Tyson, Elizabeth Roxas, Vicki Shick and Joanna Mendlshaw.

Courtney has studied classical piano since the age of 3, performing in private competitions at Carnegie Hall. Drawing is another art form that has been integrated into Courtney's patterning since childhood. In recent years, she has passionately explored the art of writing.

As of 2010, Courtney has completed six certifications for the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ®, a wellness modality described as "the art of exercise and beyond." She also earned a personal training certification, and has instructed group classes in gymnastics, dance, STREB's action technique, called pop action, and Inversion techniques.

Professional dance. GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ®. Dance Cinema. Ontological Movement Research. Visual art.

courtney giannoneI want to delete the erroneous stigma of dance as a disposable art form. This is especially common in my generation, largely due to a disposition of apathy. Where I hope to find a hint of respect or curiosity, I am faced with heedless and insensitive remarks. With the exception of US universities with departments in performing arts, dance is not considered academic subject matter in the US, and therefore it is considered a waste of time. Rarely do I find prominent dancers in history text books which is extraordinarily backwards to me. Our fields of study, cultures, technology, etc. are all cross-breeding into countless sub-categories. Why is academic subject matter still divided and on a hierarchy of importance? I believe real stories about real people are likely to draw interest and participation into the classroom. Learning history relative to all fields of study might help the outrageous mind body disconnect of American culture.

The absence of support for artists in the United States is undeniable, and it is necessary to actively spread art history, practicum, academia and encouragement to students. During times of massive change, ignoring this deficit of support and understanding from mainstream culture is detrimental to the future (as many cultures living in the states have moved from places where cultural art and dance are sacred). It is time to make art universally valid and a legitimate field of study. After all, art unabashedly transcends all factual data, manifesting itself only when understanding, experience, application and imagination work in harmony.

Art is organic not stagnant and consistently ripe, non perishable. Its vastness embodies timelessness and textures my mental palette with colors of home.

Axiom: we oscillate (in a melodic figure 8 pattern). My imagination fuels this rhythmic sway, therefore creative discharge is essential to my marrow. Married to independence, art is my portal to reality. This is unavoidable.


STREB Extreme Action Le Festival Paris Quartier Dete (2008), SLAM SHOW 9, SLAM SOW 8, SLAM SHOW 7
Diavolo Humachina (2009)
Martha Graham Diversion of Angels Excerpts (2008)
Jacqulyn Buglisi Suspended Women Project (2008)
Alvin Ailey Caverna Magica (2006)
Robert Battle The Hunt (2006)
Pascal Rioult Bolero (2005)
Jane Comfort and Company River to River Festival (2005)
Noémie Lafrance Agora II (2007)


Vuoto (Dance Film) Director, Producer, Choreographer, Editor
Premeire at “Open Space: Arts Gallery” Chicago
France Wessels:  A Portrait of 88 Years by Jason Akira Somma Rehearsal Director (Greece, 2010)


Alvin Ailey/Fordham University Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Ballet, Graham, Horton, Release Technique, West African
Joffrey Ballet Ballet, Pointe, Partnering
STREB High Impact, Falling, Stunt Work, Trampoline, Trapeze
Aerial Artistry Aerial Dance, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics
Music Piano: 13 years, Violin: 4 years, Flute: 3 years


Certified Instructor of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ®
Level 1, Level 2, Archway Specialized Equipment
Certified Personal Trainer


Erica Parisi Photography Phantom Limb
Richard Calmes Photography Dancers Around the Town
Puma National Print/Billboard/Store Fronts (2008)
Uniqlo Fitness Wear Print (2007)
Nike Europe International Print/Billboard (2007)

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email || courtneygiannone@gmail.com

website || www.courtneygiannone.com